Monday, January 22, 2018

"Hasbara" Bullying: How Low Can They Go?

"Those who cannot debate, defame."-Rabbi Meir Kahane (May The Almighty avenge his blood)

"Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life."- Eric Hoffer

How low can one descend? How vile can people behave? In response to a recent back-and-forth, Israellycool’s David Lange posted this blood libel on Twitter:

Alas, I cannot respond because the bully blocked me. I felt ill when this was forwarded to me, because I consider an attack on my character as an act of war. Disagree with me if you will, hell, call me names. But don't lie about me. How monstrous to use one’s sick wife to garner support for an unrelated issue of disagreement dealing with matters which affect the entire Jewish nation. And how monstrous it is to try to demonize me, when anyone who truly knows me, will understand that I love every decent Jew. Even some of those who would stone me. Even David Lange who believes I am his enemy, and has more hatred towards me than he does fore Hananya Naftyali. First things first. The entire administrative staff is distraught over David Lange’s wife’s illness. We wish her a complete refuah shleimah (ad meah v’esrim) and our thoughts are with her during our tefilot. Heaven forbid that we should feel otherwise. And it is shameful that David Lange would so egregiously mischaracterize my actions and attempt to demonize me, because of a disagreement on an unrelated issue. I was prevented from responding to David via Twitter (where I intended to offer my best wishes for his wife’s health), since as I noted above, he blocked me from his account. I wasn’t going to bring up his wife’s illness on a public blog, but at this point when he hit below the belt in a most egregious fashion, I have no choice. David Lange is upset that I called Israellycool weak and nebbish on the issue of tackling missionaries. Perfectly reasonable that he would, considering his perspective is light years away from my own. Different sides of the playing field. He chooses to ignore Kay Wilson’s messianic past and Ryan Bellerose’s obnoxious, racist behavior. Fine. All of it is documented and we are not concerned with threats of lawsuits. But to accuse me of taking advantage of his wife’s illness? Shame on you.

David Lange, I wish only the best for your wife. From the deepest recesses of my heart. My colleagues feel likewise. Don’t you dare confuse our differences on other critical issues with insensitivity towards you or your wife. If you are still engaged in these issues, I certainly have the right and obligation to disagree. And to recirculate a well-researched article addressing critical issues of import for the Jewish nation. Don’t libel or slander me David. What you wrote is patently untrue. Debate the issues. How about reading the article first and considering the evidence? I can only imagine what hell you are going through. For this I wish you only the best. And a full recovery of health to your beloved wife, may she only know bracha in the future. Donny Fuchs

Sunday, January 21, 2018

IsraellyCool's "Big" Stand: Part II

Update 1-21-18: David Lange of "Israellycool" has resorted to harassing/cyber-stalking me on twitter and email in response to the article. Additionally, he threatened me with a lawsuit, though I am quoting his own words and citing documentation for everything. He subsequently seems to have blocked me from his Twitter account so that I cannot respond. Clearly, he is a bully who cannot debate, and so he resorts to defamation in the manner of his arrogant colleague Ryan Bellerose, who has truly engaged in libel/slander against myself and my colleagues on many occasions. No one from "Stop Hayovel" is impressed nor will we be intimidated by this faux-tough guy. And if necessary, we will fight back legally. 

We are not impressed with you, David. You aren't a tough guy. You are a petulant bully, and personally I have always eaten up bullies for breakfast. How about threatening the enemies of Israel? As far as using your real name, where do you get off thinking you can get away with harassment by hiding behind a pseudonym. Ha Ha! Real tough. #hasbaramafia #hasbaranebs 

Attention hasbara bully, David Lange (aka Aussie Davis/Dave), and like-minded folk:

The administrative staff at “Stop Hayovel” and "The Judean Hammer” will not be intimidated by the impotent efforts of unscrupulous hasbarites to silence us from exposing missionaries and their enablers. Israellycool's David Lange recently became unhinged after reading our article "IsraellyCool's "Big" Stand". True to hasbara form, Lange leveled false allegations of libel and threatened me with lawsuits. What Lange didn't do was address or respond to one single point of the article. Hasbarites don't deal well with facts. Their knee-jerk response to evidence is to insult and defame. And to threaten to sue you for expressing a dissenting position.

As a notorious bully, David Lange is unaccustomed to being punched back (metaphorically, of course) in the nose. Unlike him, we at the "Stop Hayovel" blog stand up for authentic Jewish ideals, and we document everything we disseminate.We do it with disregard for popular sentiments. Threats of baseless lawsuits do not intimidate us, since everything we write is well documented. If anything, we have been repeatedly maligned with libel/slander by the likes of Israellycool's Ryan Bellerose, and countless other hasbarites. David should understand one thing. We have documentation and witnesses (who will testify) of genuine libel and slander, and if pushed, we have powerful legal resources at our disposal.
We are recirculating the article that triggered David Lange (aka Aussie Davis, Aussie Dave?). Of course we are, David. What did you think we would do? the article is a treasure trove of hasbara's weakness, hypocrisy, and penchant for pandering. The thoughtful reader can learn a lot about some critical issues and dangerous personalities on the hasbara scene today. It is the epitome of chutzpah for Israellycool to take Hananya Naftali (a miserable missionary creature in his own right) to task, yet ignore Kay Wilson's messianic past which she continues to deny, and to praise CUFI's messianic pastor Dumisani Washington.

Here is the article which triggered the ever-irritable Lange. As an aside, Israellycool is about as "right-wing" as StandWithUs, and as nebbish as same:IsraellyCool's "Big" Stand

*Note to the reader: Notice how I originally pointed out Israellycool’s tendency to show greater anger at us than missionary Hananya Naftali. I am not a prophet, but I predicted Lange's reaction, because hasbara is ridiculously predictable.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Limp-Wristed LAVI

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Those Frightened "Hasbara Queens" (Audio Post)


Nathaniel Feingold recently wrote an excellent article which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Israel "activist" Kay Wilson has a messianic past. Since Ms. Wilson continues to lie about her past, she cannot be trusted in the present, and her inclusion in any Jewish advocacy is obscene. The fact that she was the victim of Arab terror doesn't give her a free pass, despite the desire of many Jews to give her one. It doesn't work that way in Judaism. Many of her supporters don't give a damn about her past, but many Jews are less honest. They refuse to research the readily available evidence which PROVES that she was messianic. And contrary to the false claims of some, she has not engaged in any form of teshuva. She denies what is documented. Insiders in Yaad La'Achim both past and present admitted that Wilson was definitely a messianic at one point. Some even noted that "pragmatism" and fear of her current popularity (rather than principle), is the reason they don't speak about her anymore.

These are my reflections on those timid career "hasbarites", keyboard warriors if you will, who lack intellectual courage. People like Damon Rosen and Ryan Bellerose who both consider themselves Kay's friends, and who continue to avoid the documentation. I am including a link to Feingold's article, as well as links to a well-written article from anti-missionary organization JewishIsrael, and a slideshow documenting some damning screenshots of Kay Wilson.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The New "Ger" Cult

They are enemies of the righteous Bnai Noach. Genuine perverters of Torah concepts. And to add to their sins, they have a history of threatening those handful of Jews who expose their cult. They certainly don’t “get ger” to use their oft-mentioned mantra. More to come soon. In the meantime, read what certain distinguished rabbis have to say about R’ David Katz and Chaim Clorfene:

Kay Wilson: For Those Who Refuse To Read Well-Researched Articles (slideshow)

Kay Wilson

"Hayovel" and the Wallers