Hayovel Exposed

Youtube channel: Hayovel Exposed

Hayovel in their own words: (video courtesy of JewishIsrael)
  • “Yeshua (Jesus) will not come to a wedding without wine!”-Tommy Waller, Evangelical Patriarch of Hayovel Ministries
  • “For us it’s a spiritual deal- a faith deal. The battle is over the land because God gave it to the descendants of Abraham – that includes us.”-Sherri Waller, wife of Tommy Waller
  • "…for us sharing the gospel is not only verbal, it has an action to it. It's based on relationships. As we're working with these people [the Jews], we'll be able to share with them this Jesus,that we know…  (Tommy Waller) Our family has begun a ministry called Hayovel. The vision of Hayovel is to develop a network of individuals, families and congregations who are ready to labor side by side with the people of Israel. To bless them, to stand with them, to share with them a passion for the soon coming jubilee in yeshua messiah." 

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"Hayovel" and the Wallers