Monday, June 26, 2017

Missionary Portrait: Meet Ephraim Frank

Meet Ephraim Frank, the messianic missionary who built the bridge between Tommy Waller (Hayovel) and the religious yishuv of Har Bracha.

Ephraim and Rimona Frank are messianic missionaries living in Israel. They push an "Ephraimite" replacement theology that encourages christian gentiles to see themselves as "lost tribes of Israel," and to see the land of Israel as their inheritance.
In a 2016 interview with "Hebrew Nations Radio" involving Ephraim, Rimona, and Tommy Waller (Hayovel), Ephraim described how the first donations to Nir Lavie's (now of Har Bracha Winery) vineyards came from "Ephraimites" he was bringing to Har Bracha in Shechem. Below are some revealing excerpts from that interview about the relationship that existed between messianic missionary Ephraim Frank and Nir Lavie, which enabled Ephraim to be able to hook Tommy Waller up with Nir Lavie, and enabled Hayovel to come to fruition. EPHRAIM FRANK: "I'll give you an example that we'll probably be talking about with Tommy [Waller], because when I first met Nir [Lavie], and he is a farmer on Har Bracha, Mount of Blessing, that Tommy knows very intimately, he's been working with him now for many many years. But in the beginning of our time together with Nir, when he told us he had this vision of a vineyard, and that he was going to go and really start pursuing that vision, I was bringing some Ephraimite groups up to the Mount of Blessing, Har Bracha. And we would be standing there looking at these rocky fields, and I would, and he would be telling them about the vision, and periodically he would, Nir would actually stand there, and he would start saying, and looking around and up in the air, and he would say, 'I feel the Mashiach, I feel the Mashiach, I feel the spirit of Mashiach.' And so these Ephraimites that were coming up there would seed money into the first plants that were going to be planted up there..." INTERVIEWER TO TOMMY WALLER: "How did you meet Nir Lavie, and how did you end up at Har Bracha, working year after year with his family?" TOMMY WALLER: "Well, and that's the beauty of this show, because Ephraim and Rimona were the instruments in introducing us. I can tell you, and Ephraim can jump in here, but neither Ephraim or myself had any idea at the moment when we met what was going to materialize out of that. There were certainly some other things going on that looked far more promising... Ephraim was the one who brought me for the first time to Mount Gerizim"
Written by Nathaniel Feingold See Tomer Devorah's article on this interview here:

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