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Jeremy Gimpel and Evangelical "Lost Tribes"

In this 2009 clip from episode #31 of "Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem" starring Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, friends of Hayovel, Gimpel interviews a random christian tour guide, and asks him if he thinks he is a Jewish soul lost in a gentile body.

Despite the christian's answer to the contrary, Gimpel elaborates on why he thinks there is a Jewish soul inside the christian tour guide's body, and implies that he and others like him are part of the return of Efrayim and the northern tribes. The relevant portion begins at 1:20.

Excerpt from interview:

"christian tour guide: I'm here leading tours of christians throughout the land of Israel.

Jeremy Gimpel: Are you christian?

christian tour guide: I am.

Jeremy Gimpel:
Do you think that you are a Jewish soul lost in a gentile body?

christian tour guide: I, I, I, no (shaking head no).

Jeremy Gimpel:
In the book of Hoshea it says that Efrayim, who is the northern tribes of Israel, will be lost amongst the nations. They'll look like non-Jews. And then all of a sudden, totally irrationally, they'll feel this pull to Jewish roots, to Judaism, to Israel. Although most of America, Barack Obama, they don't like Israel they don't like the Jews, most non-Jews don't like Jews. But there's this select group of non-Jew that, all of a sudden, they can't explain why, but they have this attraction to Judaism. They have an attraction to Israel. And I'm wondering if, possibly, inside your gentile body there is in fact a Jewish soul that is yearning to come home, because Efrayim and all the northern tribes not only will return, like, to their Jewish roots, they'll actually return to Israel, and we will all together pray to the God of Israel, the Heavenly Father, and I wanna know what you think of that."

Tomer Devorah posted a clip earlier this year of Gimpel in Yehuda speaking with a group of messianic christians from "Beit Tehilah," where he describes his disturbing vision for the center of study and prayer for Jews and christians that he is building in Yehuda.

"Jeremy Gimpel: This is the first center to be established as a center of study, of prayer, for Jews and 'the righteous among the nations' in the land of Israel. There is no such thing like this yet.

And so those side buildings, that's gonna be small little hotel rooms or apartments for small families, that they can come instead of staying at a hotel. You feel like you're a tourist when you're at a hotel. You come here and you live in your own little apartment. On the land.

And you wake up and there'll be prayer services here in the morning, and then a morning class. And then we'll go out and work in the fields. We'll be eating together, working together, learning together, praying together, living together.

And so, there'll be differences, of course there'll be differences. You get ten Jews in a room and there's already forty opinions. Add a bunch of non-Jews in the room, now there'll be a hundred different opinions.

But, what we have shifted away from in our belief, how do we build up Mashiach's team? Now, we may even have a dispute on who Mashiach is, 'cause the Jews don't really know yet, we're like waiting for him to appear.

And that'll be the big question when he comes, is this your first time, or is this your second time? But you know what, if he's smart, he won't ever answer. Why does one of us have to be wrong and one of us have to be right?

Maybe God's ways are beyond our ways? Maybe His thoughts are beyond our thoughts, and as we're trying to convince each other on the issue that divides us, let's put that aside for just a minute, and now let's leave theology alone.

The Messianic movement has an ideology. What's an ideology? It's not a theology, it's what we believe in, it's what we work towards, it's what we want to train our children towards, and the language that we've come up with is Biblical Zionist."

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