Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The World's Smallest Violin: Plight of the Greedy Vintner

Those greedy, self-absorbed,Jewish vintners who use Hayovel's "free" labor in the vineyards (it costs Am Yisrael more than it does these self-absorbed quislings), get zero sympathy from me when they whine about the hardships of running a vineyard, or the fact that Jews 'won't do the labor'. 

Several points come to mind: 

  1. First of all, if you cannot afford the cost of running such an enterprise, don't do it. For example, I don't own the Jeep company I may believe I deserve in the Negev Highlands, nor have I started a bear-watching enterprise in Alaska. (Even though I would be so good at it!) Those are the breaks.
  2. More importantly, their hardship, whether real or imagined, doesn't give them a heter to use missionary labor. Now of course they vociferously deny that Hayovel are missionaries. But Hayovel's own words and actions disprove this lunatic assertion. The evidence is abundant unless one is a fool or a liar.
  3. As far as the oft mentioned claim that Jews won't work the fields, it is all nonsense. Plenty of Jews need employment. Plenty of Jews enjoy physical labor. The fact that many Jews don't want to, doesn't change the fact that the generalization is false. In truth, these owners don't want to pay Jewish workers an honest wage, and free labor is something these unprincipled types cannot refuse. Many of them would use Arab labor, but the security issues make this a non-option. And even the Thais want to get paid SOMETHING.
  4. Furthermore, there are all sorts of creative programs that could be created to offset costs, including using college-age Jewish volunteers. What a novel idea! Singles who might actually meet another Jewish single and start a family! All could be done within the framework of a dignified, responsible, halachic program. Sure beats the reality of attractive and affable christian singles roaming the fields of Jewish yishuvim.
But such things would require effort, initiative, and some money, and the evangelical missionaries give it for free. Or so they say. The leaders of Hayovel are actually making a pretty penny off of their scam, it is the foolish pilgrim volunteer who gets nothing save the delusions of his lunatic beliefs. How else could Hayovel afford a new million dollar plus compound in the U.S?

In any event, the price of such forbidden "help" costs a lot more than money, but these vintners and the other unscrupulous Jewish activists, advocates, tour guides, and general hasbara shills, don't really give a damn. In their eyes it is profitable and they can cloak it within the ideology of a skewed Jewish notion of the end-game. By selling their souls for shekels, they set a fire to the greater nation of Israel. 

These egotistical types don't give a damn, no matter what evidence you show them. The forbidden fruit is just too damn sweet. And strange wines are intoxicating.

Let them rant and defame us. Let them lie and spread their poison. A handful of us are committed to exposing this horror, no matter the cost. And as I've noted before, when you let asps into the house, we are going to raise hell. You better believe it. 

The vipers have to go, and those moral defectives who let them in our house, need to be outed, tarred, and feathered. Metaphorically speaking, or otherwise.

"Af all pi"-nevertheless, despite the never ending vitriol, it is an honor to fight for Torah. 

Ask yourself: 

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