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The Source of the Missionary Problem

The Source of the Missionary Problem- By Moshe Schwartz 

I write this in the hope of bringing clarity to the issue of missionaries in Israel.

As a consequence of the State of Israel's tolerance and support of foreign religions, we have the inevitable result of missionizing. It is unreasonable to assume that when we allow foreign worship to flourish in Israel, that other negative aspects of idolatry won't appear. Those who tolerate and promote avoda zara in what they deem to be a democratic State of Israel, are responsible for aiding to the missionary problem. Because the support of idolatry lays the foundation for missionaries to succeed.

A few basic truisms, from a Torah perspective:

  • Halacha opposes the existence of Churches in Israel.
  • Interfaith prayer and worship endanger Israel.
  • CUFI, John Hagee's powerful evangelical organization is a menace.
  • The missionary "volunteer" organization "Hayovel" is an unprecedented platform for missionizing in Israel.
  • Those Jews who promote the fictitious "roots" of avoda zara are harming the Jewish people.

The latter tactic teaches our enemies how to interact with Jews. The most successful missionaries adapted throughout the generations, at times even giving the false impression that they rejected xtianity. Some of these "evolutions"/movements can be seen today in the following groups/ideologies:

  • Messianics
  • Two House
  • Ephraimites
  • Nazerene Judaism

Fact: The "Modern xtian friends of Israel" are just a new version of missionary on today's scene. Because of their clever charade, Jews work with them. The main reason we have this problem is because of Israeli hasbara (PR). This is precisely why organizations like CUFI and Hayovel and so many others are cozy with religious zionists like Likud MK,Yehuda Glick, David "HaIvri"Axelrod, Jeremy Gimpel, Ari Abramowitz, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, Yishai Fliesher and so many others who've partnered with missionary organizations.

Fact: Mainstream organizations like StandWithUs support CUFI and have even featured their own missionary spokespeople like notorious Youtube personality, Hananyah Naftali. Naturally, hasbara darling Kay Wilson's skates with ease away from her messianic pasdt, and if you raise the documented issue, religious Jews will attack you! Prominent hasbara advocates such as Dennis Prager take a similar stand, as he shows with his many evangelical associations.

Fact: Our own Prime minister(Benjamin Netanyahu) considers John Hagee (founder and leader of CUFI ) a good friend to Israel. The Likud has been in bed with evangelicals for years. Likud leader, MK Yehuda Glick and Zehut's "Golden Boy" Yishai Fliesher openly endorse and support Hayovel.

Today's most powerful missionary organizations work under the umbrella of hasbara. Sadly, most Jews who oppose missionaries have no understanding that their support of avoda zara in Israel inevitably leads to empowering missionaries.  And those who pick and choose which form of xtianity is acceptable, unknowingly align themselves with the enemy. There is no free pass. If you do not understand that converting a Jew is just one aspect of missionizing than you have no understanding of the real problem.

Example: 99% of hunting involves NOT shooting an animal! A hunter first studies his prey.  A hunter uses camouflage and concealment principles. Consider this question: If a hunter doesn't have an opportunity to shoot an animal is he not a hunter?  Preying on Jewish souls requires similar measures. Without preparation and effort, the opportunities will be limited, consigned to the aggressive measure of the textbook street missionary.

Many of us who truly understand the dynamics and nuance of this threat are often accused of, "baseless hatred" and "lashon hara". Those who throw out these accusations are the same Jews who would rationalize xianity in Israel, and provide efforts for these hunters to prosper. To our detractors I say the following: You don't have to fight with us, nor do you have to support or even like us, but when you try to undermine us you are messing with the bull. You show yourself to be corrupt, naive, or both. Because as we show time and again, here at Hayovel: The Enemy Within we document everything and we only deal in truth, however unpopular that may be. Even our sarcasm and unfortunate need to highlight the tragic and the absurd has a bitter point. 

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