Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Yishai Fleisher calls Hayovel "Settlers in the land of Israel"

Flattering Hayovel missionaries several months ago.
Yishai Fleisher on his show on the Land of Israel Network (starting at 26:37):
"Then, after that, I went to see our good friends, our gentile friends, who have become settlers in the land of Israel. 
I'm talking about the Hayovel organization, and the volunteers who come, the christian volunteers who come to till the land, and to pick the vines of Judea and Samaria to make Jewish wine in the land of Israel, and to fulfill biblical prophecy. 
I got to see the Waller folks, and all of their amazing volunteers, and to address them a little bit, Malka did as well, and to see their beautiful community right next to Har Bracha in Samaria. Har Bracha is Har Gerizim, the Mount Gerizim. 
And check out Hayovel, H - A - Y - O - V - E - L, to connect with them. If you're not Jewish and you're listening to the show, you've gotta come on a Hayovel tour, working tour, believe me you're gonna be getting up at four in the morning to work the fields of Samaria, and you will love every minute of it."

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