Sunday, January 21, 2018

IsraellyCool's "Big" Stand: Part II

Update 1-21-18: David Lange of "Israellycool" has resorted to harassing/cyber-stalking me on twitter and email in response to the article. Additionally, he threatened me with a lawsuit, though I am quoting his own words and citing documentation for everything. He subsequently seems to have blocked me from his Twitter account so that I cannot respond. Clearly, he is a bully who cannot debate, and so he resorts to defamation in the manner of his arrogant colleague Ryan Bellerose, who has truly engaged in libel/slander against myself and my colleagues on many occasions. No one from "Stop Hayovel" is impressed nor will we be intimidated by this faux-tough guy. And if necessary, we will fight back legally. 

We are not impressed with you, David. You aren't a tough guy. You are a petulant bully, and personally I have always eaten up bullies for breakfast. How about threatening the enemies of Israel? As far as using your real name, where do you get off thinking you can get away with harassment by hiding behind a pseudonym. Ha Ha! Real tough. #hasbaramafia #hasbaranebs 

Attention hasbara bully, David Lange (aka Aussie Davis/Dave), and like-minded folk:

The administrative staff at “Stop Hayovel” and "The Judean Hammer” will not be intimidated by the impotent efforts of unscrupulous hasbarites to silence us from exposing missionaries and their enablers. Israellycool's David Lange recently became unhinged after reading our article "IsraellyCool's "Big" Stand". True to hasbara form, Lange leveled false allegations of libel and threatened me with lawsuits. What Lange didn't do was address or respond to one single point of the article. Hasbarites don't deal well with facts. Their knee-jerk response to evidence is to insult and defame. And to threaten to sue you for expressing a dissenting position.

As a notorious bully, David Lange is unaccustomed to being punched back (metaphorically, of course) in the nose. Unlike him, we at the "Stop Hayovel" blog stand up for authentic Jewish ideals, and we document everything we disseminate.We do it with disregard for popular sentiments. Threats of baseless lawsuits do not intimidate us, since everything we write is well documented. If anything, we have been repeatedly maligned with libel/slander by the likes of Israellycool's Ryan Bellerose, and countless other hasbarites. David should understand one thing. We have documentation and witnesses (who will testify) of genuine libel and slander, and if pushed, we have powerful legal resources at our disposal.
We are recirculating the article that triggered David Lange (aka Aussie Davis, Aussie Dave?). Of course we are, David. What did you think we would do? the article is a treasure trove of hasbara's weakness, hypocrisy, and penchant for pandering. The thoughtful reader can learn a lot about some critical issues and dangerous personalities on the hasbara scene today. It is the epitome of chutzpah for Israellycool to take Hananya Naftali (a miserable missionary creature in his own right) to task, yet ignore Kay Wilson's messianic past which she continues to deny, and to praise CUFI's messianic pastor Dumisani Washington.

Here is the article which triggered the ever-irritable Lange. As an aside, Israellycool is about as "right-wing" as StandWithUs, and as nebbish as same:IsraellyCool's "Big" Stand

*Note to the reader: Notice how I originally pointed out Israellycool’s tendency to show greater anger at us than missionary Hananya Naftali. I am not a prophet, but I predicted Lange's reaction, because hasbara is ridiculously predictable.

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